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Blundstone 400 (ex 490) (Pull on Working and Walking)
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Blundstone 530 (Kids' Blunnies)
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Blundstone 780, 782 (Executive Steelcaps)
REDBACK - PULL-ON Styles (Bobcat, Chef & Nevada) for Working & Walking (great with uniforms)
REDBACK - LACE-UP Styles - Waiter, Everest & Alpine
BAXTER - Craftsman Made Dress, Riding & Work Boots for Over 160 Years
ROSSI - Legendary Aussie Boots
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Louise relaxing in her new Blunnies.

To avoid getting badly fitting boots! BECAUSE SIZE DOES MATTER!!

Make sure you order the correct size boot. This is not quite as easy as it may seem as there are a number of different sizing systems in the world and one or two traps for the unwary, but I will try to make this as easy as possible for you and get you a nicely fitting pair of boots.
Blundstones, Redbacks, etc. use Australian sizes. 
Australian men's (and unisex) and UK (unisex) sizing is the same though a lot of UK manufacturers now use width measuring systems which are similar to those that US makers have used for years.  Australian boot makers generally do NOT use a US-type system but use half size to denote a wide version of the full size boot (there are exceptions, though!).  Australian boot lengths, therefore, usually only increase in full sizes. 
Australian and American women's sizes are similar but this can vary between makers and styles and some women find that they can need up to a size or more larger in a Blundstone women's style than in some other makes. 
It is ALWAYS wise to cross check, or, better still, try on some Blunnies, etc.  As a general rule Redbacks are wider than most Blunnies (but about the same as Blundstone 200 or 550) but they have a higher instep than the somewhat flatter Blundstones so they can sometimes feel tighter if you have flattish feet.
Blundstones (EXCEPT FOR WOMEN SPECIFIC STYLES) are measured in Australian mens' sizes - even though nowadays they are truly unisex styles and are nearly as popular with women as with men.   Blundstones men's/unisex styles tend be quite generous in size and fitting.
ROSSIS are very confusing and vary between styles. I would like to explain this simply but know when I am beaten! Basically, most styles are relatively narrow fitting compared to Blundstones, Redbacks, etc and some styles use genuine half sizes for lengths whilst others follow the same rule as Blundstones etc by just getting wider for half sizes. I try to explain these on my Rossi page but don't be afraid to ask or have a look around first. They are good boots and Aussie made, though, so don't give up too easily!
STEELBLUES, on the other hand (foot?), are the widest of the brands I sell and the opposite applies - they are not suitable for anyone with a very narrow foot and a half size (wide fit) should only be considered by anyone with a very wide foot.
Australian men's size is about one size smaller than the equivalent U.S. men's size (for example, U.S. men's 10 usually equals Australian men's 9) and is generally about 2 to 3 sizes smaller than the equivalent U.S. women's style, however this can vary depending on the make and style of the US boot or shoe. 
Never EVER assume! 
Remember, there is a general tendency for women's feet to be narrower than men's, especially at the heel. 

Almost every manufacturer does their measuring just a little bit differently from each other and sometimes there are small variations between styles even with the same maker so using the tables and conversions supplied is not foolproof, just a guide.
Half sizes needs a bit of checking due to the different way some Aussie and US sizes progress through the sizes.  Australian boots are ALWAYS marked in UK/AU sizes regardless of where they are sold.
An Aussie (UK) half size is often (but not always) a wide fitting version of the full number size whereas a US half size is half way between the two full numbers and you then differentiate width by the letter fitting system (D, E etc).
So, for example, a US 10 1/2 could convert to anywhere between 9 and 10 1/2 Aussie size.
However, it isn't as hard as it seems, so bear with me!  What you need to determine for most of the boots here, including all Blundstones, Redbacks and SteelBlues, is if your toes are almost at the end of your US shoes or if there is plenty of spare room.  If there is plenty, a 9 or 9 1/2 will be OK but if your toes are right at the end of your shoes then you need to go up to 10 or 10 1/2.  
A Blundstone 500 series (or Baxter) standard fit is about a D so if that is OK then stay with the whole number, 9 or 10.  If you need an E or wider then go for the half size, 9 1/2 or 10 1/2. Baxters use genuine half sizes and stay at the same width in relation to length (about D).
A Blundstone 200 or 550 or any Redback is wider (standard is about DD to DDD, half size is EE) and most Rossis are narrower (standard is about CC and half size is about DDD) - the Blundstone 059/063 are similar in width to the 500 in the middle of the foot but become noticeably narrower towards the tapered toes which make the total length longer than other Blundstones as a result.  SteelBlues are the widest of all the boots I sell and are unsuitable for very narrow feet (standard is E and half size is about EEE).
Crazy world, eh?  But don't give up - we can beat the system!! 

To view my SIZE CONVERSION CHART click here - remember this is a ONLY A GUIDE - I cannot guarantee that this will be an accurate conversion from all makes and styles. DO NOT USE IT FOR SHEEPSKIN BOOTS.  There are other conversion tables around that come up with some different numbers and they're not necessarily wrong - they are just starting from a different brand or style - I told you this was confusing!

CONVERSION FROM U.S. WOMEN'S SIZES is especially tricky as NO EXACT conversion exists - sometimes you'll need to move up or down a size or half size.  In fact, there is no internationally accepted standard for shoe sizing - even Euro sizes vary in some countries (especially France and Spain).
Then there are Mexican, Russian, Ukranian and Japanese sizes - ask me if you need a conversion from one of these and I'll try to work it out.
I really recommend measuring your feet before you order or even establishing your size in mens' sizes (which are generally more consistent for some reason).  
Or, if you know your Euro size (not France or Spain) at is usually an easier conversion.  If stuck, email me for advice - I'm here to help.

If you are possibly able to - try on a pair of Blunnies, Redbacks or whatever before ordering to check your size as that would limit the chance of an error - though make sure it is the same or similar style to the one you need. (That's ALWAYS the best check, if it is possible).

If you still get it wrong I can replace them for you - but a few minutes spent checking now could save you and me weeks of delays and frustration later on.

Still not sure of your size?  Try this....Wear the same type of socks that you will be wearing with your boots, place your larger foot (most people have one foot longer than the other) on a sheet of paper, and press down with your normal weight on it. Now, get someone to trace your footprint (with an upright pencil just touching your foot) and measure the longest distance on it.
Then, check the size you need from my Size Chart by clicking here or email me for my interpretation of the result.

Shipping and Payment Options

To get an approximate* conversion of the price to any other currency use the instant currency conversion tool below. 
* (NOTE: My Shopping Cart's conversion is determined by PayPal so results may differ slightly.  Conversion rates are constantly changing)

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Non-USA Residents Please Note
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Whilst you're browsing for boots - complete the Australian experience and tune in to a live Aussie radio station for background music, chat or news!

I (Mick Green / am not an 'authorised' international distributor of Blundstone, SteelBlue, Redback, Rossi, Drifter or Baxter products.  As a result I am able to offer discounted prices worldwide without any outside restrictions or influences apart from the requirements of my customers.  The products I export, unless ever clearly stated to the contrary, are first grade products as sold to discerning customers within Australia.  Please see my Guarantee page and my Customers' Comments page to see the level of satisfaction I am able to offer. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you experience any difficulty with viewing or using any aspects of this site from browsers other than Internet Explorer please try using Internet Explorer as that will resolve a few known minor issues that can occur with some other browsers.  I am trying to resolve these issues but you may find that to be a quick 'workaround'.  If this does not resolve problems try this address for the site and see if that works better.  Please let me know about any persistent issues so I can try to fix them.

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