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bootsaustralia blog
Thursday, 3 September 2009
Catching up


I always have the best intentions of blogging and keeping you all up to date but you just keep me too busy with orders!

I'm not complaining but really must try harder (maybe give up sleeping completely?  hmmm...).

I did have a series of family, computer and other issues that all arrived over a relatively short period recently that did demand my attention and which slowed me down rather badly with emails and deliveries but things are pretty much back to normal now and shipments are heading out the front door at the usual speed.  I would like to thank, sincerely, all my regular (and new) customers who showed understanding and patience way beyond that which I expected.  So many of my customers are really NICE people - my websiite and advertising must be hitting the right target market!

Anyway, global financial crisis or not, business has been quite hectic but a bit hard to predict.  Some markets have been unusually quiet for short periods (whilst people digest all the bad news on the TV) and then they pick up again when those in need of good boots start looking for bargains and discover that all the changes in international currency rates over the last year have made my products very competetive for them.

As one market round the world has gone quiet others have fired up.  This whole new global online marketplace is quite a good indicator of financial (and confidence) movements around the world.  It has been quite educational.

I am pleased to say that, so far (and I hope this is ongoing), Australia's has been one of the least badly affected of all the world's economies.  We haven't been without issues but compared to some countries we seem to have done not too badly.

This is good news for stability of your supplies of boots from me.

There have been some changes in some of my costs, though, and I have been crunching some numbers lately so there are going to be some price adjustments in the very near future. 

Shipping charges will be increasing a bit as I have found that I have been subsiding some deliveries (and I think I'm a nice guy but I would like to stay in business!).  Also some prices will be adjusted over the next short while, some up and a few down - many will stay the same - in order to make sure my deals are fair and realsistic yet competetive.

This may be the time to quickly buy and grab a bargain.

I also intend adding some more products to my website - keep checking back for new items. 

I will also be updating some of the links I have to other sellers so you can shop around and get the best deals if I don't have what you need.  Why do I do that?  Because even if you don't buy from me this time, I want you to have found my site helpful and informative and then come back to me next time to see what I have.

I want my site to be the FIRST place you look for a good pair of boots and I would like to thank all of you who keep on doing just that!

The busy Christmas period is just round the corner (again!) and as we in Australia head into spring and summer those of you in the Northern Hemisphere will be turning to thoughts of (sorry to remind you) rain, snow and cold, wet feet.  Make sure you get your replacement boot orders in before your old boots die a sad, leaky death.  Every year I get desperate emails from customers who find they need new boots yesterday!  In the middle of the Christmas postal rush those feet stay cold and wet longer than their owners would like.

Wherever you are, thanks for reading and come back soon.  Your feet will thank you.

Posted by Mick at 3:06 AM EADT

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