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bootsaustralia blog
Saturday, 16 February 2008
Changes are a-coming

Another frantic Christmas and New Year season are behind us and I am finally getting a few spare moments to keep you up to date.

The gyrations of the US v AU Dollars have continued, making my policy of pricing in US$ on my main site and AU$ for my eBay sales very hard to maintain as the value I receive in US$ is constantly changing - and not always in a good way for me!

 I have been impressed with the very savvy way my customers have kept up with improved exchange rates by moving between the two sites to get the best deal - even with the reduced guarantee terms on my eBay sales.

It is obvious to me what you are saying - most of you want the best price I can offer and don't care what the currency I advertise in is (you pay in your own money anyway) and are prepared to take a reduced guarantee to get your boots (after all -  the boots I sell don't have many warranty issues).  

Some of you do want the famous No Worries guarantee, however, and don't mind paying a small premium for it.

So starting very soon I will be changing my terms of sale a little to put all prices in Aussie Dollars (with a handy conversion tool so you can check how much it will be in whatever you consider to be 'real' money). 

I will also be selling with a basic 'Fair Deal' guarantee (to keep prices low) but offering an upgrade to the 'No Worries' guarantee for those who would like it.

That gives us all the best of both worlds.

I also plan to expand my offerings on eBay over the next few months.

Most of the boot companies have struggled with demand lately and Blundstones have struggled more than most - their move to overseas production has had no effect on quality but it has certainly not improved their reliability as suppliers.

Apologies to those of you who may be waiting, or have had to wait, for Blunnies. 

You may have noticed the link on my site to get live Aussie radio stations on your computer - if not go to and find your favourite station.  It's a great way to keep up with Aussie news and events and the music scene here.  Play the tunes to your boots - they'll love the sounds of home!


Posted by Mick at 2:45 PM EAST

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