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bootsaustralia blog
Sunday, 14 October 2007
News and More

International currency rates have been all over the place in the last few months but the general trend is that the Aussie Dollar is gaining ground on the US $ and with little sign of slowing down.  This is making it VERY hard to keep my US $ prices as low as I (or you if that's what you have in your pocket) would like. 

A few price rises have been necessary and I won't promise there won't be any more but I'll do my best.  If you want to save I would not wait, if I were you!  The links I have provided to US based sellers are well worth checking out as my advantage over them is not as great as I would like!



Blundstones have made their move to produce all their leather boots offshore in India and Thailand.  There are still some Aussie made boots in stock but as they go they are replaced with the new imports. 

The good news is that this will help a little to stabilise prices and also VERY IMPORTANTLY  there is NO drop in quality.  The original lasts and machines from Australia have been moved to the new plants and quality control is very high.  Blundstones know as well as anyone that any drop in quality with the move will be commercial suicide so they are being very careful. 

So far, the imports are totally indistinguishable from the Aussie products. Only time will tell if they can keep this up but I am sure they will as their whole future is riding on doing so.  

Don't forget, though, Blundstones aren't the old brand I sell so if you want to buy Australian made products I still have them!



Please don't leave it too late for your Christmas and New Year orders.  Production levels struggle to keep up at this time of year and Blundstones are already a bit behind due to their production move. 

With the best will in the world, I always have great trouble processing and filling orders as the rush approaches.  Shipping slows down as all the planes fill up with freight and mail and the mail deliverers start to wilt under the pressure.  Aussie boot factories traditionally close for maintenance over the Christmas break so what I can't get by mid December I often can't get until February so, sadly, every year I have a few disapponted customers whose plans to fill their loved ones' Christmas stockings with a new pair of boots don't work out as hoped.

Please do yourself a favour and get those orders in as early as you can and try to be a little flexible (and patient - I do my best!) - if I can't get the exact style you want try to have a plan B in the wings for an alternative style or brand.



I have recently launched a new site which I hope will, one day, be seen as a valuable resource to the online footwear buying community.  It is called Shoe Junction ( and my intention is for it to be a 'one stop' resource for anyone wanting to learn about buying footwear online and find links to the information they need.  Go visit and, if you like the concept, keep coming back - what you see now is only the first phase - I have plans to add much more.  Tell your friends if its usefull - tell ME if it isn't.

Posted by Mick at 3:53 AM EADT

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